Plantain empanadas with mole and queso fresco. - I'm Yaya B

Plantain empanadas with mole and queso fresco.

viernes, abril 07, 2017

This post is sponsored by DOÑA MARÍA®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Are you up for some different kind of mole recipe?  Come on, add a twist to your typical mole recipe.

Check out these delicious Plantain empanadas with mole and queso fresco.  The mixture of flavors between the plantains, the fresh cheese, and the mole it's just simply delicious. This is my first time trying this dish, and I must confess. I think I'm hooked !! 

Being Latina, I am used to eating mole, but always with chicken and Mexican red rice. It is one of the traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine. 

This time I wanted to try something new. But preparing mole from scratch takes so much time, and no one has time to be in the kitchen for hundreds of hours (exaggerating 😝)

So of I went to the store to buy myself some Mole DOÑA MARÍA® 

How sweet it is that this amazing paste can make an amazing dinner in just minutes. Genius !! 

You will need just a few ingredients, so you have no excuse. You must try this recipe.

Plantain empanadas with mole and queso fresco


4 Plantains
Salt, to taste
250gr. Queso Fresco
Olive Oil
DOÑA MARÍA® Mole 8.25oz Mole Paste
1 cup chicken broth


1. Cut the plantains into 4, place them in a saucepan with water and salt, boil them and let them cook well.

2. Remove the husks and crush the bananas until a puree is formed. 

3. Take a part of this dough and stretch it with your hand on a floured surface. 
Tip: Cover your hands well with flour, so that the pure doesn't stick to your hands.

4. Fill the empanadas with the fresh cheese, close in half and fry in a pan with enough oil, brown on both sides.

5. In another frying pan, add the chicken broth and the Mole DOÑA MARÍA, mix well until the desired mole consistency is obtained.

6. Spread the mole in a dish, place the previously fried empanada, bathe with a little mole and garnish with the fresh cheese. 

Enjoy ! 

These past few months I've been trying so many different recipes with plantains, but by far I think this one has to be the best one.

Mole doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions, celebrate it every day with DOÑA MARÍA®!  #MoleEveryday #DonaMariaMole 

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