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Celebrating My Kid’s Thing #ItsMyThing #FruitShoot

jueves, mayo 04, 2017

This post is sponsored by Fruit Shoot®, but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
#ItsMyThing #FruitShoot #FruitPunch

There is so much pressure on kids to grow up faster, progress at a certain rate, fit into routines and live up to expectations. That we forget to let them be children and enjoy the "things" that they like to do.

I want to support my kids to just being kids and doing their thing, whatever that may be! 

I love how my son found the "thing" that he likes to do, that he enjoys and that he loves. 

Well, It's the "things" that he likes to do. Because he likes to do so many activities that there are days that we do not have time for everything. But of course, I support him 100%

He loves his TaeKwoDo classes.

I was surprised to see how dedicated he is because it is a sport that requires much discipline and concentration. And I proudly say that my son does it extremely well.

Taekwondo is not simply a sport that provides an excellent physical condition and good habits of life but also gives dedicated practitioners the opportunity to explore the totality of art, the possibility of reacting effectively to a threat or adverse situation.

And in these times where we see so many dangers in the light of day, being prepared to react to danger is a great advantage.

But although it is a sport that requires a lot of dedication and discipline, I do not like to demand too much, I know that he learns in his way, and he does it very well.

Another activity that he loves is to go explore. My son has a great spirit of explorer and adventurer. He is happy exploring and knowing new places, learning new stories. He really loves being outdoors exploring the world.

After long days of practice, school classes and other days exploring the world, staying home and playing out on the patio with his soccer ball and playing with Max is relaxing. 🐶

It melts my heart to see how they play and have fun together. Max has been an excellent addition to our family. My son spends hours playing with him. 

They really love each other! ♥

Fruit Shoot® makes it even more fun. My munchkin loves it, it's his favorite drink, and of course, Max seems to want to try it too, hahaha. 😜

As a mother, I worry about what my children drink and let me tell you, this is mother approve!

Fruit Shoot is made with no artificial flavors, real fruit juice, no high fructose corn syrup, and offers varieties made with real sugar, as well as no sugar added.

I love that it's  a no-mess drink, it's an on-the-go bottle, it's a durable and resealable bottle. It's just perfect for sports or any other activities.

Fruit Shoot is a favorite with my kids.

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#ItsMyThing #FruitShoot #FruitPunch
 What are the "things" your kids love to do and how do you celebrate them?


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