How can we save energy and help the environment? Get Smart About Energy Use: Do Your Thing - I'm Yaya B

How can we save energy and help the environment? Get Smart About Energy Use: Do Your Thing

miércoles, mayo 03, 2017

This post is sponsored by Energy Upgrade California®., but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.  #DoYourThing #LetsGetCharged

One of the best ways to help the environment is to reduce our energy consumption since the forms of energy currently used are mostly not clean or sustainable.

I have partnered with Energy Upgrade California to bring some tips on how we can save energy to help the environment.

Reducing energy costs has many benefits, saves money and protects the environment.
Saving energy and using it more efficiently involves a change of habits and attitudes that favor our family economy and protects the natural environment without sacrificing or reducing our comfort and well-being. You will also see that saving energy could mean significant savings in money

Energy Upgrade California® is a statewide initiative committed to helping Californians take action to save energy, conserve and preserve natural resources.

Climate Change is real! And our planet is feeling the consequences of our actions. 

Climate change is already contributing to increased air pollution, deforestation, ocean acidification, more wildfires, droughts, heat waves and sea-level rise, which threaten our health, our livelihoods, and our future.

So please join me and #DoYourThing #LetsGetCharged

How can we save energy and help the environment?

Lighting today consumes about 20% of all the energy produced in the world. It is estimated that by 2040, energy consumption in our homes worldwide will increase by 57%, according to information from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

1. Us energy-saving bulbs, typically they use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents, saving you money and can last 3-25 times longer.  
Keep the lights you are not using, off.

2. Make the most of natural light by opening the curtains and keeping the glass clean. Increasing the amount of natural light in your home can reduce your heating and lighting costs. It can also make a room feel bigger.

3. When not using your computer, leave it hibernating (sleep), not on. In this mode it consumes less energy and can be easily reactivated without restarting the system.
When buying a monitor for your PC or some other computer equipment,  prefer those that include the "Energy Star" symbol, which is the most efficient.

Dirty Laundry

Try not to use high wash temperatures since the washing cycle at 90 ° C consumes almost twice as much energy as the 60 ° C and four times more than the 40 ° C.

Much of the energy used by a washing machine, between 80 and 85%, uses it to heat the water, so it is very important to wash, whenever possible, with low-temperature programs or just cold water. If the dirt does not allow it, use warm water. For the clothes with more difficult stains, you can use the special stain remover soaps, before beginning the washing. 

Turn off appliances to reduce consumption

The use of equipment such as television, computers, appliances and video games, consume 40% of the energy in the home, so it is recommended to disconnect them from the electric current when not in use.

All appliances not used for extended periods of time, such as coffee makers, microwaves, chargers, game consoles, blenders, and toasters.

Energy Upgrade California believes we all have the power to create a better California and they’re inviting you to Do Your Thing™ to use energy more efficiently!

Let's make a DIFFERENCE! Please Join the movement so everyone can Do Your Thing, your one energy saving thing, for California.

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