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How to entertain the kids this summer

lunes, junio 12, 2017

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We are a pretty active family. My kids have lots of activities during the school days. Lots of projects, homework, school sports, tryouts, presentations, schools dances, etc.  And then, we have the after school sports, of course. Taekwondo for my kiddo and he loves playing soccer, and pretty much everything he can think of, he wants to do. That's their "thing" you know, they like to participate in every school activity they can, and of course, I support them. (proud momma here)

But finally, summer school break is here and we are ready to throw out the books and the backpacks, forget about projects and homework, we are ready to have some fun in the sun. I want to have some fun with my family, lots of activities and playing outside. Enjoying every day and moment with my love ones.

So how do we have lots of family activities and how do I actually entertain the kids? 

Don't worry, there are ways to entertain the kids this summer. There are many options for summer activities that we can carry out and you know what momma, they don't have to be expensive, in fact, there are many options that are totally free. I'll share with you some tips my family has implemented to have fun during school summer vacations.

First of all, learn what your kid(s) like to do. You know, learn what's their 'Thing" 

Do they love the outdoors? Do they enjoy books? Are they happy chasing a ball? Do they like surfing the waves?  That's the key to knowing how to entertain them this summer.

Do you have a patio? Make a camp

Even if you are only in your backyard, doing a camp in your yard is an experience that every child is excited about, and absolutely will enjoy.  Let them learn the whole experience of a camp, have them build the tent, make them carry a lamp, sleeping bag, snacks if they get hungry, with your help they can prepare smore's, Prepare a cooler with refreshing drinks like Fruit Shoot® they are really convenient because they can just grab and go while they are still building their campground. 

They are a very popular juice drink for kids, mine really enjoy them.  Fruit Shoot® is made with no artificial flavors, real fruit juice, no high fructose corn syrup, and offers varieties made with real sugar, as well as no sugar added. It also comes in a durable, resealable bottle that allows your kids to take on the go, (perfect for a camping experience) wherever their adventures take them this summer.

Use the store locator to Find Fruit Shoot near you. 

Get creative with boxes

There is nothing more fun and entertaining than to let the imagination run wild with boxes. If you have a supermarket nearby where you can get free boxes, take advantage. You can build castles, cars, kitchens, hats. You have a world of possibilities in what you can build with boxes. You'll spend hours creating all kinds of fun stuff. Let the kids be creative.

Let them into the kitchen

Include them when preparing food. Ask them what they want to eat today and let them help you with the ingredients. This is a good way to learn together and help them learn about measures and quantities. Prepare cakes, cupcakes, cookies and let them take a little of what they prepared to a family member and/or friend. This will make them feel proud of their creation and will know that you are also proud of them.

Run a marathon at home

Make an obstacle course in the back of the yard. You can use boxes, baskets, balls, ropes. Whatever you can get from your home.  Invite your child's friends to participate. Let them know that this will be a competition and that they have to come prepared with comfortable clothes. Prepare some prizes for the end of the race, make them feal like they are all winners. Don't forget to have refreshing drinks because they will be hot. The Fruit Shoot® bottle is designed for on-the-go and is durable enough to withstand adventure, it's perfect for that marathon experience. 

Find activities in your city

You don't have to spend a fortune to have fun and enjoying the city. Look for your city free activities. Here's in San Diego there a ways to enjoy America's Finest City without breaking the bank.

"Balboa Park After Dark" is back, running from Friday, May 26 through Sept. 1, 2017.
“Summer Movies in the Park,”   the summer series runs from May 20 through late October.
" the WaveHouse San Diego in Mission Beach" a 30,00-square-foot outdoor venue that features the FlowBarrel wave machine where you can practice your surfing in a much smaller, more confined environment than the vast ocean.

Take advantage of the environment

Go for a bike ride, go hiking, go for a walk to the beach, play ball in the park. Enjoy what nature has to offer. Save money by bringing your own lunch, drinks, and snacks.

Whatever your adventures this summer, Do not forget to enjoy every moment with your family, be happy and have a fun summer.


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